Commercial & Industrial Metering


MEC provides maintenance and calibration of sub metering systems for private utilities, larger commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. We are experienced with electric, steam, natural gas, BTU meters, Well implemented and maintained metering systems allow for better more accurate allocation of utility costs amoung production centers, better management of utilities costs, more effective demand management etc. Types of systems:

  • Steam metering - Vortex, DP, Ultrasonic, Mass Flow Computers
  • BTU Meters - Ultrasonic, magnetic flow, vortex, turbine and BTU computers
  • Natural Gas - Positive displacement, vortex, coriolis mass flow, thermal mass flow
  • Specialty - Coriolis mass flow, Multivariable DP and Vortex


  • Equipment selection
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Ongoing maintenance and calibration

Residential Submetering
Commercial Submetering
Industrial Metering
Energy Management and Conservation
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