Residential Submetering


Residential and small commercial property owners can lower operating costs and shift the risk of future utlity cost increases using proven wireless submetering and utility cost allocation systems. Two types of solutions are available. If the building infrastructure includes individual water, gas, and electic service to each unit then conventional pulse output type meters can be wirelessly connected to a central billing system using pulse counting transmitters. In buildings with a central heating and/or cooling plant and fan coil type HVAC, utlity costs can be allocated using a wirless system that monitors equipment runtime as the basis for billing. In both cases, MEC can provide a complete system that includes the following:

 Wireless Sub Metering Systems for existing or new construction

  • Wireless pulse counting transmitters that integrate with standard pulse output type electric, gas and water meters
  • Wireless runtime based transmitters that integrate with fan coil tyep HVAC systems, baseboard radiation, and larger commercial systems
  • Centralized data collection and billing software is scalable for up to 2000 units
  • Data collection software uses an open ODBC database structure. Runtime and allocation software seamlessly integrates with Excel for infinite flexibility.
  • Diagnostics software is capable of providing residents with a time stamped "on/off" report validating the billed amount and minimizing complaints and non-payment problems.
  • MEC provides pre-programmed transmitters, RF repeaters, fully configured remote data collector/server, Runtime software and cost allocation tools, and ongoing billing services

Wireless System Components

Residential Submetering
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