Cloud Based Commercial Submetering

Commerical office, retail and restaurant spaces can be sub metered for electric, gas, BTU, or steam using a combination of technologies. Wireless pulse counting transmitters are integrated with new or existing meters to communicate within the building or campus. "Cloud Loggers" are used to communicate meter data over exisiting cellular network to a central server. From the central cloud server, data is downloaded or dynamically linked to an infinite range Energy Management tools for cost tracking, tenant billing etc.

Pre-packaged BTU meters are available using strap -on temperatgure and ultrasonic flow sensors that can be added to any existing pipe, without shutdown or pipefitting. A flow computer automatically calculates consumed BTUs and communicates using in industry standard MODBUS to the Cloud Logger. The Cloud Logger deposits that data on a secure server for simple download and tenant bill processing. Installation and deployment can be done in less than 4 hours using normal hand tools, and the installer does not require any computer or IT professional assistance.

BTU Meter

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